Sightseeing Cruise (B+K)



B+K is a collaboration between artists Helen Kirwan and Mary-Lou Barratt.

B + K uses processes involving large numbers of participants within creative networks of communication through interventions which are almost non-existent or not entirely serious. Inevitably they are ephemeral or temporary and involve  interactions with others. They are also ongoing. B+K works within  an existing  (conventional) systems. B + K has co-opted (theoretically) the ventricular constrictions of 120 Chairmen of public limited companies – selected from a business directory at random and communicated with by fax. Another project randomly invited members of the public to exchange habitual thought processes for creative thinking on a particular date (and time) and they gave their probable locations at that moment. These were subsequently plotted on a “blank” map using small raised dots. A dialogue over its ownership commenced within B+K through simulated litigation. A poster  project starts at the Chelsea & Westminster Hospital, London in March. These are examples of how B+K investigates and challenges traditional patterns of art production, presentation and distribution in an accessible way.